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Our synonymous marks of Ecology and Recyclable to 100%

Recyclable corrugated board. To use material as paper and corrugated board makes us near to the themes of the recovery and the recycling. Our first subjects are completely recyclable, from the paper that we use to the biodegradable and nontoxic inks certificated for the press of boxes that go in contact with foods.

The use of the Mark RESY offers guarantee that the packaging of corrugated board that it brings together stamped the symbol to our identification number, it has the necessary requisite to be recovered by the association of the collectors of first subject second and or of discard (VFW vereingung fur Wertstoffrecycling GmbH) and to be recycled by the association of the paper mills (VPWP Vereingung pack und wellpappenpaplere). The mark RESY points out that the subject paper and cardboard, are recycled before, and recyclable to 100%.

The use of the mark extremely important Comieco to certify near Your clients the affiliation to the association of category foreseen by the art. 40 of the Decree Ronchi fremituses and to signal the fulfillment of the anticipated obligations for the producers from the legislation on the packaging and on the refusals of packaging.

The "Der Grüne Punkt" it is the mark more used to the present world on million of sale wrappings. The logo signals to the consumer that the contribution has been paid for the management of the diversified harvest and it doesn't symbolize (as people think) a packing more ecological or recyclable. The European association For Europe owner of the mark "Der Grüne Punkt" it grants the use of the mark to the national systems of harvest and it organizes the collaboration among the countries.

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